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DJANGO’S TEARS from FESS’ MESS (©2000 John Rankin)
Music by Django Reinhardt (“Tears”)


Sittin’ in a smokey barroom, playin the blues away
Dreamin that I met Django, in Paris on a summer day
He put down his wine glass and walked over my way
Picked up his Selmer, and then began to say:

“Ever since she left I ain’t the same
Lost my heart to that unfaithful dame
Ever since she and my wife met
It’s been less that delightful
More than just a trifle

She was more than a handful I guess that’s true
Anyway that’s why I’m sittin here with you
As long as you’re with women you won’t go far
Just keep playing that guitar”

With Django...................With Django


And as we played together we seemed to me like one
I heard inside his music, the things that she had done

To Django................... I’m with Django

I know you don’t believe me, and it doesn’t seem quite right
But I can still hear hin sayin’, as we played into the night

“Music and I we get along
When I’m unhappy I just think of a song
Playing makes my blues just float away
My heart begins to singing
When I do minor swinging

Anytime from morning till late at night
To me it’s just like breathing, it always turns out right
She has been my best friend for all these years
Through laughter, love, and tears”