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LEAVIN’ YOU from FESS’ MESS @2004 John Rankin

Got my things packed — Headin' out the door
you keep the rest — I don’t need it anymore

I’m leaving you — Yeah I’m leaving you
I’m not wasting any tears for all those wasted years — I’m just leaving you

You can have the house — you keep the car
I don’t even need that — I’m not going very far

I'm leaving you — Yes I’m leaving you
You can have the rest — I keepin' just the best
Leaving you


I'm done with your complaining
And always keepin' score
Nothin's ever good enough
I can't stand it anymore

I’m leaving you — I’m leaving you
You wrote the chapter —Now I’ll write the verse
Looks like our love is turning for the worse

Your griping and your moaning —
Your talking and your phoning
Are leaving me cold — So before I get too old

I’m leaving you — Yes, I’m leaving you
You’ve still got that same old story
All it doe's is bore me so I’m leaving you