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Every Tuesday from 8 to 11 p.m.
The Columns Hotel(one of New Orleans most elegant venues)
3811 St. Charles Avenue
No Cover



Every Sunday   New Orleans Superior Seafood Every Sunday, 11:30 to 2:30 p.m.
Superior Seafood, corner of St. Charles and Napoleon
The Superior Jazz Trio, with Harry Hardin (violin),Tim Paco (bass), and John Rankin


TUE 9/18 New Orleans Columns Hotel Alex McMurray and John Rankin. Alex is a terrific guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter; he gets compared to Randy Newman (irony) and Tom Waits (emotion). Nobody can captivate an audience like Alex , and nobody can do what he does, and he always surprises me with his quick sharp wit (ow!).
TUE 9/4 New Orleans Columns Hotel Washboard Chaz and John Rankin. The swing master returns, and he sends a groove straight to my happy 13D’s. Like they say, big feet, big groove...


TUE 8/28 New Orleans Columns Hotel Harry Hardin and John Rankin. Harry is a superb violinist, and he can play pretty AND/OR fast. Plus he’s a great guy, and you’re gonna think so too.
THU 8/26 New Orleans Old Point Bar 3 p.m. in old Algiers.
TUE 8/21 New Orleans Columns Hotel The New Orleans String Kings with Don Vappie, Matt Rhody, and John Rankin. The top of the heap right here. These guys are the best! And you can only hear us here...
TUE 8/14 New Orleans Columns Hotel John Rankin (solo). I feel like an interior decorator, dressing up the empty space inside your head; just rearranging, I’m not changing anything...