Life Marches on! This is quite a month in New Orleans, following the Mardi Gras madness with a few day of calm and then, back to the party. I actually went ALL the way to Bay St. Louis for a few days to escape, and although I missed seeing the parades, it’s nice not to find beads all over my house. 

And March is an action packed month. First, Daylight Savings starts Sunday March 8th. Make sure you save the hour somewhere safe in case you need it later. Next up we have the infamous Ides of March, as in “I’d stop writing right now if I was smart”, and “I’d be careful if I were you”. And then, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, the next big excuse in NOLA to party after Mardi Gras. I hope you like cabbage. 

In other news, The NOLA String Kings will be “marching” over to the studio to record this week. It’s a project we have been working on, and the music is terrific. It won’t be available for a while; meanwhile you’ll find us performing on Tuesdays at the Columns every 4 or 5 weeks. 

Paul Sanchez and I are also working towards a recording as a duo, playing and singing the best of the songs we have written together. Paul is an inspiring songwriter, and a great friend. We’ll be previewing the songs at the Columns this week, with the fabulous Alex McMurray to boot. A Columns exclusive! 

Clarinetist and author Tommy Sancton returns to town for a couple of months, and we will be celebrating his presence with the Classic Jazz Trio, joined by trumpeter Ben Polcer. 

Jazz Fest has been good to me over the years (since 1981!), and they’ve done it again for 2020. The New Orleans Guitar Masters have a set on the first Friday 4/24, and I will also have a solo set (yay!). Vitrice will be showing her jewelry there the same weekend (double yay!), so all around a great time for us. 

All the Best,