June and what happened to all the time?


Playing live on Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 630. 



Well it’s already half past June, and I am just now writing you. I was hesitant to waste your time, but then I thought, why change now? 

Time floats away with our new erratic schedule or lack of, and I find it’s hard to get more organized, strangely enough. On top of that, Vitrice had knee replacement surgery a week ago. It has been a difficult week for her , but she is clearly getting better. I am on the other hand, I’m getting worse, although I feel fine except for my neck, back, hips, knees, arms, wrists, and fingers. And it’s very easy to appreciate all the things that she does around the house now that I’m doing them. So far I have not killed her plants, the dog, or Vitrice, and I consider that a success. 

I play a live 30 minute show on Facebook on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm. There’s always something to learn, and special moments for me in every broadcast, but I really appreciate so many of you making a point to listen. I play a variety of styles, so that makes it interesting but more challenging. At worst it’s better than those mime podcasts I’ve been listening to. 

I have played a couple of outside events, and it’s been fun to interact with ‘analog’ people. Much better than the voices in my head. 

Here’s a last minute something you’re invited to, at Longue Vue Gardens this Wednesday evening the 17th, from 6 ish to 7ish, where I will be gently plucking happily away: 


Thanks for your sharing and support. You make my life so much better!