May musings


I noticed how things since quarantine are changing. For example: 

I sleep later and go to bed later. 

I take more time with my morning coffee. 

The obituaries take a lot longer to read. There are too many interesting people there I wish I’d met (why are they always smiling in their pictures?). 

I stopped wearing my watch, but I had to start wearing it again because the hours float away. 

By the time I finally get to work, it’s time for dinner. 

I don’t carry my wallet anymore, just a credit card and license. 

I get six weeks to eight weeks on a tank of gasoline. 

I really really freak out when I misplace my phone. 

I overreact to little things and sleep through the rest. 

I rarely know what day it is. 

All those things on my list that I was going to do when I had enough time are mostly still on the list… 

Missing Jazz Fest really hurts, admittedly a first world problem. 

My daily schedule is sanitizing the first floor and stairways, stretching and a little exercise, and then wasting time on the computer. 

It’s hard to get organized for any big  project or long-term goals, like cleaning out the closet or the garage. 

Vitrice and I cannot both be depressed at the same time; we have to take turns, so we have someone to cheer us up. 

The normal length of a phone call is 30 minutes, with a good friend, more like an hour. 

And the list goes on. But I hope you have time to  join me on Facebook for my live performances on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 6:30ish. Stay well and wash those hands!